Fear of speaking - shifting the spotlight away from your ego.

Fear of speaking – shifting the spotlight away from your ego

by Being one of four daughters of hard-working parents, getting somebody’s undivided attention was rare when I was a child.  Until when at age seven I was asked to sing solo at the school end-of-year festivities. Suddenly all eyes and all ears were on me – and I found myself […]

The role of emotion in influencing others

Influencing others: The role of emotion

by   Already the ancient Greeks knew it: there is nothing such as appealing to people’s emotion if you want to move them towards decision or action. Artistotle, in his principles of persuasion, stated that a strong rationale (logos) and personal credibility (ethos) are not enough – emotional appeal (pathos) […]

Power your language – weed out the weak words!

by   “If you don’t mind uhm, I just wanted to share some uhm thoughts on our upcoming project and uhm at the same time basically check if we agree on these really important objectives and uhm I’ll try to keep it really short, I hope that’s ok with you…” How do you […]

Weak language, assertiveness, the power of language. Speak to convince. Stop undermining your message.

Gravitas- the link between merit and success. Personal presence, public speaking.

Gravitas – the link between merit and success

by   Knowledge, experience, and results are all good and necessary – but not enough. In today’s business world, leaders need gravitas to be successful. Gravitas and the word gravity are connected. Having gravitas is having “weight” as a speaker, both literally and in the words that you say. Followers […]