Individual Coaching

Individual coaching in executive presence, voice, and public speaking.

Photo: © E. Fransdonk


Do you need some help to prepare for a big meeting, presentation, or interview? Or are you looking to develop your personal and professional impact in general? 

VoxImpact offers individual and small group coaching on personal presence, voice, and public speaking.

Here are some of the challenges that clients have brought to their coaching sessions:


  • “Speaking in public makes me so nervous that I can’t handle it.”
  • “When I teach, people tell me they don’t hear me, so I push and strain my voice.”
  • “I really don’t like my voice – it’s not me.”
  • “I’ve been told my voice goes really monotonous when I speak in meetings. How I can I get a richer and more interesting voice?
  • “In my last presentation, I lost the thread and didn’t manage to make my point. Can you help me structure and articulate my views?”
  • “I always get out of breath when I speak in public.”


The success of coaching relies on your willingness to change and your commitment to practice between sessions. I can give you ideas, techniques and feedback on how you are doing  – but you have to do the work.

Coaching sessions take place at the training center at Hotel du Lèman in Jongny, 10 min. from Vevey. If the coaching is paid by your employer (a higher rate), the coaching takes place at your offices.

You are most welcome to contact me to find out more.