Speaking To Influence And Inspire

Being eloquent, memorable, and convincing.

Are you an experienced presenter ready to take your speaking capabilities to the next level? Would you like to capture, inspire, and convince your audience? Learn to use a richer language and rhetoric techniques to make your message stick? Then look no further.

Speaking to Influence and Inspire


Being professional does not have to equal being boring. Yet, the language and tone of most business presentations is dry, impersonal, and utterly unmemorable. Many speakers focus on the hard facts and the logical reasoning as they prepare their speech – but that’s not enough if we want to be memorable and persuasive. To imprint our message in another human’s brain, we need to evoke emotions. Emotions greatly influence not only our decision-making, but also our ability to remember what we hear. As speakers, we therefore need to appeal to people’s emotions by telling stories, painting pictures with your words, and speaking so people want to listen.


Speaking with spark and spice. Capture and convince your audience. Make them remember your message.
In this creative, practical, and interactive workshop, you will learn to:


  • Say things simply, succinctly, and gracefully.
  • Spice up your speech with powerful rhetoric figures that persuade your audience.
  • Choose language that appeals to people’s emotions.
  • Transmit your own passion to the audience.
  • Identify and structure compelling stories to get your message across.
  • Tell your story in a captivating and memorable way.




Date: November 6, 2018, at 09:00-17:00

Venue: Vidy, Lausanne.

Price: CHF 395 for individuals; CHF 555 for corporate-sponsored participants..

Register: E-mail

Questions: E-mail or call 079 815 76 84

Places are limited to 6 people. The workshop will be held in English.