Unlocking the Power of Your Voice

Using your voice as a real communications tool

Would you like to have more power in your voice?  Would you like to make sure that you are heard and remembered next time you speak in public? That your voice would better represent who you are? That your voice wouldn’t let you down when it really matters?

The Power Voice. Leverage your voice as a real communications tool. Be a more dynamic speaker.


Your voice is maybe one of your most under-utilized communications resources. When it gets your attention, it’s because there is a problem or because you don’t like the sound of it. Hand on heart, how often do you think of your voice as a way to enhance your message – to really make it stand out?

This workshop explores your voice on two axis: First, your voice as an instrument – how to set up your body to get a powerful, rich voice with less effort. Second, “making music” with your voice – speaking in a way that makes people want to listen to you.



In this eye-opening, energizing, and fun workshop you will learn how to:

  • The Power Voice. Leverage your voice as a real communications tool. Project a strong, loud voice in a healthy way.
  • Anchor your voice in your body and breathing.
  • Identify unhelpful speaking habits – and learn what to do instead.
  • Utilize more of your vocal range and be more expressive.
  • Energize your voice through movement and articulation.
  • Leverage your built-in amplifiers to get a richer, more pleasant sound.
  • Become a more dynamic speaker, playing with speed, volume and pauses.
  • Harmonize your voice and body language with your message.
  • Get tips on quick vocal warm-ups before a presentation.

We will also dedicate time to participants’ individual challenges.


Date:       October 2, 2018, at 09:00 – 17:00

Venue:    Morges, 3 min. from gare CFF

Price:      CHF 345 for individuals

CHF 545 for corporate-sponsored participants. Prices include refreshments and workbook.

Register: E-mail

Questions:  E-mail  or call 079 815 76 84

Places are limited to 8 people.  The workshop will be held in English, but you may do the exercises in the language of your choice.